What size do I print my Fingerprint Tree?


That is totally up to you and will depend on the number of guest and attendees. The size of the Thumbprints/ fingerprints of your attendees is also a factor to take in consideration. Therefore, if you are unsure, it’s best to go with a larger size print.

We offer 5 sizes in either rectangular or square shape prints.
10×14.1 or 12×12 (up to 60 guest)
15×21.2 or 18×18 (up to 100 guest)
20×28.2 or 24×24 (up to 300 guest)
25×35.3 or 30×30 (up to 400 guest)
30×42.3 or 36×36 (up to 500 guest)
Larger size orders (simply contact us). We can print any size.

Since your create, customize and personalize your own tree on our website using our proprietary interface, our unique system will determine which shape is best for your printed tree and will allow you to select the print size from the drop down menu on the fingerprint tree generator page when “Order a Print” is selected.

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