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What is a Fingerprint Tree?

The  Fingerprint Tree, also referred to as a Wedding Tree or Thumbprint Tree  is a unique and creative alternative guestbook to the standard traditional guestbook.  It is a image of a bare tree which guest literally leaf (leave) their fingerprints. The leaves on the tree are formed and created with the actual fingerprints of your guest. Guest then sign their name on, below or above their fingerprint.  The final result of the Fingerprint Tree is a beautiful keepsake and amazing piece of art that you can frame and display in your home and cherish forever.

Although the Fingerprint Tree was first used for weddings, as its popularity increased, today, they are used for various events and occasions, including but not limited to; Weddings,  Anniversaries, Family Reunions, Family Trees, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Births, Christenings, Milestone Birthdays, Retirements, Graduations, Housewarmings, Holidays, Corporate, Church Events and much more.  Fingerprint Trees can be used for any event or special occasion.



What is Fingerprint Tree Generator?

Fingerprint Tree Generator is a new name and a new voice that is smashing the mold and blazing the trail by offering the first and only instant online Fingerprint Tree creation website and interface.  Our proprietary user-friendly interface allows you not only to create, customize and personalize fingerprint trees on the the fly but also to download absolutely beautiful high quality fingerprint trees in minutes.


How do I start creating my Fingerprint Tree?

Click here to start or simply click on “Tree Generator” link in website navigation menu.

How much does it cost to create my Fingerprint Tree and get my digital file?

$45.00 to create your own tree and download your file.  If you want us to print your tree the price varies according to print size.  You can view pricing by clicking on the “Order A Print” button on the tree generator page.

Tip:  While you’re at it, go ahead and get an additional  fingerprint tree exclusively  for the children.   This is an excellent idea for wedding reception or any event as  it will keep the kiddies busy and occupied. Thank us later 🙂



How Do I Pay For My Fingerprint Tree?

All payments are made securely and privately through PayPal. PayPal is the secure, free, easy way to pay without sharing your financial information. You don’t have to a PayPal account and you can pay with a major credit card.

Why does Fingerprint Tree Generator offer Fingerprint Trees so cheap?

The general perception is that if something is cheap and inexpensive it is an inferior or substandard product.  However, that does not hold true for Fingerprint Tree Generator.  Our mission is simple, to deliver the highest level of instant online fingerprint tree creation imaginable and that includes the most affordable price.




What is your refund policy?

DIGITAL:  Our products are digital downloads which can’t be “returned.” Therefore Fingerprint Tree Generator has a “No Refund” Policy for all digital download products unless there is an issue with the download or the file on our end.  If this issue cannot  be resolved within 24 hours, we will refund your entire purchase in full.

In addition,  if you feel you are due a refund due for some other reason, all refund requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Contact us with the specifics.  We will review it and determine if you qualify for a refund.

PRINTS:  You create, customize and personalize your own fingerprint tree yourself on our website and then your printed fingerprint tree is custom made to order from the tree you created and the print size you specified which means it is produced and printed specifically and uniquely for your order; therefore it is non-refundable.

If your printed fingerprint tree arrives damaged, please keep the items and all packaging. Contact us immediately and we will arrange for a replacement or refund.

Additionally, the following terms apply regarding the return of printed fingerprint trees:
• No refunds for not reading and/or misreading our terms of use and/or return policy
• We inspect our prints carefully before shipping and rarely, if ever, have a problem.  However, if your print arrives damaged or defective, contact us immediately and we will send a new one out ASAP.
• Return for refund within 14 days from receipt for damaged or defective item(s) ONLY.
• Do not return the item without notifying us.
• You are responsible for the return shipping of your item(s) if we decided we want the damaged or defective item back. In most cases we don’t.  However, the decision is on a case by case basis.  We strongly advise using a shipping method that allows tracking of your item(s).  Once you have contacted us, please return your item(s) in their original packaging. Include either the packing list that was provided with your shipment or a copy of your receipt. Make sure we have a phone number and email address with which to contact you, once we receive your return. Without this information, we may be unable to process your refund.
• Absolutely no returns or refunds because you “changed your mind”, you “decided on something else”, you “incorrectly ordered the wrong size”, you “incorrectly misspelled something”, etc.
•  Please have your tree printed locally if you are trying to exactly match a specific color as the colors you see on your monitor may vary slightly from printed tree due to your monitor specific settings and brightness.  We cannot be responsible for possible color variation in finished printed product.
Please be reasonably certain you are buying what you want before ordering a printed fingerprint tree from us.  Your responsibility helps us keep our doors open.

How quickly will I get my Fingerprint Tree?

DIGITAL ONLY:  Instantly!  You can download your digital file immediately after payment is made.  You create, customized and download your fingerprint tree right on our website.  No waiting for an email to proof and approve, no after approval waiting for your tree to be emailed or shipped to you, and no shipping fees.

PRINTED:   The turn-around time is approximately 7 days.  We normally ship 7 business days after your order is placed.  This means that, if an order is placed on a Monday it will ship out no later than the following Wednesday.  The actual delivery date is approximately 2 weeks (10 business days) or less.  Your order is custom made to order.  When your print is ready for shipment it is securely packaged and sent via UPS Ground shipping as they are our primary courier.  Please note, however, we may use other couriers i.e. USPS  Mail, FedEX Ground as necessary. The time to receive your item after it ships can vary based on the shipping courier.  Shipping times within the United States can range from one to nine business days depending on the courier. Please allow additional shipping time during the winter holiday season. All major carriers are subject to delay during this period. We are not liable for any economic or other damages due to late delivery. All shipping is currently to U.S. only.


Do I receive my Fingerprint Tree printed on paper?

YES, if you order a print (which is optional).  Your fingerprint tree will be more than just printed on paper, it will come mounted on 3/16″ Gator Board.  However, more importantly, our Giclée printing service offers the highest standards in the industry and will not only make your fingerprint tree look amazing but your tree will last for generations to come.  Your fingerprint tree will be print with the highest quality archival inks on the highest quality archival smooth fine art paper.  We use a special paper that is considered to be the cadillac of all fine prints paper types.  Click to following link for more detail information on our printed fingerprint trees:

Learn more about Giclée printing and why it’s important, watch short video below:

Where Do I get My Fingerprint Tree Printed?

You have options:  (1) You can have us printed it.  Simply select the “Order A Print” button on the generator page,  (2) You can print it yourself or (3) you can have it printed professionally locally.  Simply download your digital file and take it to your local printer (a Giclée printer) and have it printed on high quality archival paper with high quality archival inks.  This will preserve your tree and guarantees it to last and not fade for over a 100 years.  Click here to read our “How It Works” page for important information on printing, paper and inks.  Please take time to watch the video at the end of  page regarding Giclée printing.


What size do I print my Fingerprint Tree?

That is totally up to you and will depend on the number of guest and attendees. The size of the Thumbprints/ fingerprints of your attendees is also a factor to take in consideration. Therefore, if you are unsure, it’s best to go with a larger size print.

We offer 5 sizes in either rectangular or square shape prints.
10×14.1 or 12×12 (up to 60 guest)
15×21.2 or 18×18 (up to 100 guest)
20×28.2 or 24×24 (up to 300 guest)
25×35.3 or 30×30 (up to 400 guest)
30×42.3 or 36×36 (up to 500 guest)
Larger size orders (simply contact us). We can print any size.

Since your create, customize and personalize your own tree on our website using our proprietary interface, our unique system will determine which shape is best for your printed tree and will allow you to select the print size from the drop down menu on the fingerprint tree generator page when “Order a Print” is selected.

How much will it cost to print my Fingerprint Tree?

Printing costs will depend on the size you need, paper and print method.  If you just want to have Fingerprint Tree and have no real interest in the quality and longevity of  your tree, no need to invest in quality printing.   Please read our “How It Works” page for valuable information on quality archival printing, archival paper and inks.

Click the “Order A Print” button on the Fingerprint Tree Generator page to see our pricingPrice listed includes tree creation using our website,  your digital download, Mounted Giclée printed tree, and FREE SHIPPING.  (NOTE: shipping currently to US only)

Read more regarding our printing here:

What kind of ink pads should I use?

Choose ink pads that are archival inks, fast drying and fade resistance.  We recommend Tsukineko Memento ink pads or a similar archival-quality ink pad.  Get them here:

Is It Messy? If so, will this deter my guest from participating?

No! Just be sure to have wet wipes and perhaps a towel or disposable towels/towelettes available so guest can removed the ink from their fingers immediately.  In addition, have a bin or basket available for the used wipes.  Lastly be sure to have someone assigned to let guest know the process as well as to facilitate and coordinate the fingerprinting process.

In regard to the lack of participation due to ink, we have several testimonies of adults who got an absolute kick out of the Fingerprint Tree activity once they understood the significance.   If you’re still on the fence about it, as an option,  you might want to consider getting leaf-shaped stamp pads and just having guest use it and then sign their name.



What kind of ink pens should I use?

We recommend the following pens or pens of similar quality with regard to  pigment ink, acid-free, archival quality, fast drying, waterproof, fadeproof and non-bleeding:  Sakura Pigma Micron, Zig Memory System Millennium, Zig Photo Signature, Promaster Archival Marking Pen.   However, please test, test, test, test and test… as ink performs different on different paper.  Reference our “How It Works” page.

How do I set up for my event?

Reference our “Fingerprint Tree Setup” page.   It’s like the real estate agents’ mantra: location, location, location.  You want your Fingerprint Tree Guestbook to be placed in a highly accessible location.  An idea would be to have it where attendees can “sign” it through the course of the event, rather than all at once. So make sure your guests can see and access your Fingerprint Tree Guestbook at any time.






Will the colors on my print be the same as those on my computer?

Because individual monitors and device settings vary from device to device, we cannot guarantee this.  A professional printer can assist you with this.

What if I want a color or font you don’t have?

We welcome your creativity!  While we constantly add new tree templates, colors, fonts and enhancements to the system and offer a sufficient amount of colors to match any color scheme, if you have a particular color which we don’t yet have included in our Fingerprint Tree Generator, simply contact us with the specifics.  We’ll have our programmers add it.  This applies for a particular font as well.

UPDATE (January 2016):  You can now make the font any color you desire.  This same functionality for Templates/trees is forthcoming.

Will My Fingerprint Tree Grow?

Yes, it will!  You will start off with a bare Fingerprint Tree that will be watered and nourished with love by each guest when they each stamp their fingerprints and sign their names; thus causing your tree to grow, bloom and blossom into an absolutely beautiful work of art.