What is a Fingerprint Tree?


The  Fingerprint Tree, also referred to as a Wedding Tree or Thumbprint Tree  is a unique and creative alternative guestbook to the standard traditional guestbook.  It is a image of a bare tree which guest literally leaf (leave) their fingerprints. The leaves on the tree are formed and created with the actual fingerprints of your guest. Guest then sign their name on, below or above their fingerprint.  The final result of the Fingerprint Tree is a beautiful keepsake and amazing piece of art that you can frame and display in your home and cherish forever.

Although the Fingerprint Tree was first used for weddings, as its popularity increased, today, they are used for various events and occasions, including but not limited to; Weddings,  Anniversaries, Family Reunions, Family Trees, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Births, Christenings, Milestone Birthdays, Retirements, Graduations, Housewarmings, Holidays, Corporate, Church Events and much more.  Fingerprint Trees can be used for any event or special occasion.



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